Policy Actions for COVID-19 Economic Recovery (PACER) Dialogues

The Policy Actions for COVID-19 Economic Recovery (PACER) Dialogues is exploring measures that can help economies “bounce back” from the COVID-19 pandemic and accelerate economic recovery. The series of Dialogues will address a range of issues, including: good practices in national planning for “bouncing back” from COVID-19; employing big data and digital technology to enhance pandemic responses; policies to strengthen the role of the private sector in COVID-19 recovery; anticipating future health trends to enhance economic responses; and developing effective social protection measures.

The PACER Dialogues is offered exclusively to select government officials from Southeast Asia and the People’s Republic of China. The program is organized under the framework of the Asian Development Bank-supported BIMP-EAGA, IMT-GT, and GMS (B-I-G) Capacity Building Program.